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Our Services

Technical Consulting

Translating the ideas and vision behind a product or service requires product managers connecting market needs to features.  We believe that the products and services should be designed so that you can sell them and that you're proud of them. We write marketing requirement documents and product requirement documents for periodic releases as well as constructing feature lists for rapid prototyping and releases on a daily or weekly basis.

Our staff can run the product schedule, feature meetings, beta programs, and define product roadmaps. Companies use us to define products in adjacent market spaces, to identify new products, and to serve during staff absences.

We also build and train product management groups and implement supporting processes.

We combine technical expertise with years of seasoned technical project management that means you get mature, skilled technical leaders who can successfully lead a team and build and implement a successful solution.

Our staff can build and implement these kinds of solutions:

  • Sales and marketing IT systems. We have the technical expertise to lead and manage implementation of systems that serve sales, marketing, and customer support organizations.
  • Website and ecommerce infrastructure. We can deliver all the ‘back-end’ infrastructure for such websites. We can build from scratch, use open source solutions, or platform solutions from leading software vendors.
  • Mobile applications. We work with you to build iOS and Android based apps that make your sales and marketing succeed.

Case Study

We expanded both internal and outsourced staffing– by 100%--for launch of new flagship product category for a high tech company.  The results were expanded, higher quality staffing; an integrated a Home Agent Model; improved CSAT scores, and reduced cost of support.