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Generating Sales for Your Business.   Marketing to Your Customers.   Enabling Your Organization.

Our  custom  services  offer  you  the  best  chance  for  success.

Our Services


The Actuate Group offers the range of services needed to make your product or service successful in your target markets. We provide these services:

  • Executive Leadership
  • Sales Acceleration
  • Go-to-Market
  • Business Development
  • Program Implementation
  • Program Implementation

We are able to deliver this range of services because of our core team’s abilities in leadership, marketing, and sales and our ecosystem of partners in program management and technical consulting.

We view every engagement as a building block to enable you to succeed. As we work through an engagement, we are always asking ourselves – how does what we produce lead to greater revenue, happier customers or lower costs. Simply raising awareness or dressing up collateral are not enough. There are no “marketing problems” or “sales problems.” There are only business problems.

Case Study

Solar Panels

A solar industry player wanted to be seen as an industry leader and improve their site’s effectiveness in lead generation and qualification. We mapped the users’ profiles to desired qualification processes. Then, we designed and built a new site tying it more deeply to their system and dealer portal. Lead quality and volume as well as partner satisfaction increased.