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Our Services

Business Development

Actuate Group staff has led business development with companies as large as Microsoft and as small as a three-person startup. Our staff takes pride in achieving business partnerships that generate real sales and innovation.

We offer these services:

  • Strategic analysis. Identifying and evaluating potential business partners
  • Structuring the relationship. From starting the relationship to building a mutually beneficial business arrangement
  • Negotiating agreements. Leading the negotiations around the business terms of a relationship
  • Partner management. Creating a platform whereby your team can manage the relationship to the desired outcomes

Case Study

Software Product

Two major software companies had an acrimonious and often litigious relationship. Actuate worked to:

  • Clear the air and find common business goals
  • Formulate a joint development and sales agreement
  • Hold the staff of both firms accountable to the plan
  • Keep all focused on business needs rather than other issues

The result was successful launch of a major suite of software, the sale of millions of dollars of computer equipment, and a set of happy customers.