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Our Services

Program Implementation

We want you, your organization, and your users to win. We believe that how you roll out marketing and sales IT programs in a firm is as important as the technology that you're rolling out. We combine our work in IT organizations, our skill at marketing, our learnings in managing customer support, and our experience as consumers of technology to make implementation successful. We build consensus, lead, and measure so you can win.

Our program management services encompass programs in the arenas of sales, marketing, and customer support IT.

Our services include:

  • Problem definition and needs assessment. Identifying the real needs of your users and their customers.
  • Program definition. Defining the 'use cases' and requirements for the program and capabilities that the technology should deliver.
  • User group buy-in. Gaining user commitment to adopt and use the program.
  • Vendor requirements development. Preparing the RFP or RFQ to acquire the necessary technology.
  • ROI analysis. Quantification and evaluation of the program's benefits.
  • Planning. Designing the business processes, data management and user interactions.
  • Implementation. Using business process management tools, roll out the program in your organization.
  • Measurement. Enabling your staff to gauge the program's benefits.

Case Study

Smart Phone

A major technology firm wanted to implement new content management and governance system to protect Intellectual property, improve product design documentation, control legal and financial information, and strengthen their brand identity. Each department felt they alone could judge and manage their content. The Actuate Group led program definition, user buy-in, ROI analysis and planning work. Then the Actuate Group led the implementation company wide achieving over a 93% adoption and implementation rate.