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Our Services

Sales Acceleration

We offer these sales acceleration services for your inside sales, direct sales and channel partner sales staff:
  • Sales Process Assessment. What's working, what's not, from lead gen to sales presentations to sales handling objections to closing to implementation services to post-sales customer service.
  • Sales Process Building. With you, we build a stronger sales process for your organization to use.
  • Sales Infrastructure. Our team can look at your existing infrastructure to see how well it is working and how it can be enhanced. We're particularly skilled in lead management, marketing automation, and sales management tools such as
  • Sales Handbooks. We enable your team to 'tell your story' and address the questions, objections and pricing needs of your customers. Handbooks are an assembly of sales tools from lead scoring to objection handling. We build and deliver these tools in a variety of formats, from web-based, as a mobile app, or in print.
  • Sales Training. What good are tools without training? We design and deliver training to train your sales team in those sales tools. For example, we run online coaching sessions so the reps can practice and learn from each other.
  • Post-Sales evaluation. We measure. We develop measurement tools that your sales management can use to measure your sales process and your team. We also can provide you online software to track your reps' use of the tools, completion of training, and more.
  • Enabling materials. We believe that you and your organization should assess, build, train and coach. We provide you the tools to enable your staff to make your sales team better in the future.

In all these services, we develop and deliver sales tools that are:

  • Immediate, such that your reps can put them to use right away.
  • Specific, designed for the unique combination of your reps, process, products and customers.
  • Measurable, so sales management can make smart decisions.

Case Study

Office Team

An established startup knew they were not selling and wanted to shift selling strategies. We:

  • Evaluated their current processes
  • Recommended a revised lead generation, qualification, and handoff process
  • Built a sales handbook to train staff and channel partners and use on an ongoing basis
  • Trained staff and partners
  • Set up measurement systems that simply and effectively tracked opportunities

The result was enlistment and recruitment of multiple major partners and new opportunities with major customers in new markets.