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Generating Sales for Your Business.   Marketing to Your Customers.   Enabling Your Organization.

Our  custom  services  offer  you  the  best  chance  for  success.

Generating Sales for You.
Marketing to Your Customers.
Enabling Your Organization.

The Actuate Group is a marketing and technical consulting company for high tech companies worldwide.

From strategy to sales, we provide the strategic marketing, online marketing, sales acceleration, and business development services needed to succeed in your markets. Through our technical consulting team, we deliver applications and implement programs for sales and marketing IT, customer support, and inside sales.

The Actuate group in action

Distibutor Marketing

A client wanted to shift from selling to distributors to selling direct to consumers.

Consumer Marketing

                                  The Actuate Group provided new messaging architecture and a combined SEO and SEM campaign.

Revenue Increase

                                                                              The client achieved a revenue beachhead in one of their target markets.

Our Approach

We are a team of experienced, pragmatic Silicon Valley professionals. We have average more than 15+ years of success in companies ranging from Apple to IBM to Sun as well as a host of startups.

We serve as:

  • Interim leaders in the roles of COO, VP Sales, CMO, and VP Customer Support
  • Implementers of sales and marketing programs
  • Managers of technical projects for sales and marketing

We craft new ideas in successful products and companies. We implement projects and programs. We fix problems in strategy, marketing, and customer support.

We work in the areas of mobile, online services, and consumer electronics.

Case Study

A medical software firm needed to reposition itself. The Actuate Group created new positioning and supporting sales and marketing materials. We brought in senior product marketing to refine the product. We opened a new sales channel through the #2 player in the industry. Seen in a new light in the industry, the client landed 7-figure sales deals and was acquired a year later.