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Executive Leadership

Companies often need transitional leadership. Members of our firm have served as interim CEOs, VPs of sales, marketing, product marketing, and business development. Besides improving sales or reducing operating costs while serving in those roles, CEOs often tell us that we help better understand the kind of new leader they require. They also tell us that we increase the chances of the new leader's success through the work we performed.

We have served as acting heads for the functional areas of sales, marketing, business development, and product marketing. We have led both domestic and international organizations with staffs of upwards of 100 individuals.  

A company may need a senior-level executive to lead a change initiative to success within their company. We bring a unique combination of internal marketing, program management, an understanding of IT and engineering as well as the skills of mediation and negotiation to provide senior leadership for company-wide change management.

Case Study

Salesperson with Phone

A major mobile device maker needed to replace a flagship component of their OS as fast as possible without disrupting channel sales. We:

  • Developed a channel marketing communication program
  • Collaborated with their product managers to specify the change
  • Worked with manufacturing to retrofit devices in inventory
  • Helped channel management to manage retail partners

The result was minimal impact on channel sales, positive customer feedback, and completion in less than 80 days.