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About Us


Founded in 2001, the Actuate Group began providing strategic marketing and ecommerce services to B2C and B2B companies. We expanded our mobile practice area along with our SEO and SEM services as the markets for both grew. We then expanded to provide sales acceleration services. Asked to provide sales and marketing IT services for enterprise companies, the Actuate Group built a suite of capabilities in mid-sized sales and marketing IT programs. With the advent of the iPhone and iPod, the Actuate Group introduced services in mobile app development.


Our experience on the client side of the table and our years of working long enough to learn what matters have shaped a set of beliefs underlying our consulting work. Those beliefs are:
  • Marketing and sales are a means to achieve your vision and bottom-line results. Awareness raising never met a quota or met a payroll.
  • Strategy + execution = results. We've not found another formula.
  • Process is required for lasting results. An organization can get more done with processes and that’s part of our job to leave behind useable, replicable processes.
  • That ‘doing what it takes’ excites commitment, raises passion, and provides satisfaction for all.
  • Learning leads to your organization’s growth.  We want to transfer the ‘how’ as much as the ‘what’ to your organization.
  • Measurement and quantitative-based work is worth the work. Data exposes opportunities and possibilities not otherwise discoverable.
  • Spend wisely. Constraining the budget accomplishes more of what you want. It fires up our creativity. And you have money for what impacts revenue the most.
  • Starting with the business problem yields the best solution. Channel, pricing, product, or sales problems really means that there is a business problem.


Our clients range from large enterprises to startups of all types. For many of our clients and their staff, we continue to collaborate after our past engagements.

A sample of our large customers include:
Alcatel, Palm, Microsoft, Sprint, Kabira, NetApp, PTC

A sampling of our startup customers include:
iControl Networks, UPEK,, ETeam, SunWize Solar, Twiki, Tropos, Linden Lab, Ustream.TV, ActiveVideo (ICTV)

Case Study

For an upcoming Wi-Fi company’s new product launch aimed at the ISP and government markets, Actuate helped develop the messaging and positioning. It then developed all the sales tools, sales training, channel materials and training, and marketing materials. We revised the website to support the new product and new direction in messaging. We also helped create a complete customer solution by combining the physical products and network management system into a complete package