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Our Services

Go-to-Market Strategy

We drive your vision and products to success in the marketplace integrating strategy, planning and execution. Our plans are characterized by creative imagination, a focus on your channel's success, and a budget-minded approach. Our tactics focus on SEM and SEO that responds to how customers buy today. Our execution is characterized by thoroughness in attending to details, bringing your staff along on the journey, and measuring results.

Our team has successfully launched over 25 companies, products, and services.

Our services include:

  • Strategy development. The Go-to-Market approach that your team can get behind
  • Messaging. Messaging platform: targeted user needs, internal and external value propositions, features, benefits, and proof points; elevator pitch
  • Launch plans. Tactics to go to market including: channel selection and targeting, launch timing, pricing models, and use of public relations and social media
  • Lead generation campaigns. Campaigns using telesales, email marketing, SEO, and SEM (Adwords, Web advertising)
  • Social marketing. Strategy and execution to create viral awareness and lead generation
  • Marketing materials. Materials including website, mobile apps, events, collateral, and customer white papers. We are also experienced at traditional print and newspaper advertising. We can specify and write the content and our designers can give it a look.
  • Ecommerce. Ecommerce stores or simple, web-based sign up and buy processes
  • User training. Online videos and documents to sell or teach customers about your product or service
  • Technical documentation. Documentation for end users and development partners
  • Customer support readiness. Tools, infrastructure, and training needed for handling end user and partner technical contacts

Case Study

Shaking Hands

A client wanted to launch a new product and sell via the web. The Actuate Group developed the messaging architecture, online marketing campaigns, revised websites and email campaigns. The product gained initial sales in less than 60 days.